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I want to use the application for ____.

No permission is required for the following.

  • Introduction of the application on blogs, etc.
  • Introduction of the application in TV programs
  • Posting app information in paper media such as magazines and books
  • Posting and distribution of application play and review videos to YouTube, X(Twitter), TikTok, and Instagram
  • Application use at cram schools and schools
  • Application use at events, etc.

You are free to use it for both commercial and non-commercial purposes. You are also free to use images posted on the app store or taken from the app screen.

(However, you can use it freely, but we cannot take any responsibility even if some kind of trouble or damage occurs.)

We do not accept proposals for paid application introductions that incur advertising or other costs paid by Digital Gene for publication in blogs, television, or magazines.

You do not need to contact us, but if you send us the URL, etc., we may introduce you on X(Twitter), etc.

What about ____?

We decline this offer.

  • Proposal for paid application referrals that incur advertising and cooperation costs.
  • Proposals for advertisements to be placed in the application
  • Paid review and evaluation proposals
  • Contracted development of applications (outsourced contracting)

We basically do not reply to sales e-mails even if you send them to us.

About Quick Family Tree

For more information on how to use Quick Family Tree, please refer to the help page below.

In addition, the frequently asked questions about the Quick Family Tree are summarized on the following page.

I want to use the image of Portrait shop cute.

The illustration of "Portrait shop - cute" can be used regardless of whether it is a private corporation or a commercial company, but there are some restrictions, so please refer to the following page for details of the terms of use.

I want to migrate data.

Please use the OS standard data migration function.

(There is no data migration function for each app.)

Quick Family Trees can be migrated using import / export.

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The developers are a Japanese team.
Please know that English is not my native language.
Inquiries other than Japanese are basically returned in English, but we use an automatic translation service to check the contents of the inquiry and create sentences.

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