Snow Planet

Snow Planet

OverviewMake a snowman

drop and roll

Let's make it! Snowman!!

It is recommendation also at a child and lady who doesn't like a game. The making a snowman
which is simple easy operation using the feature of iPhone and iPodTouch, and is happy!
You play to the winter with it can enjoy more! When you play to the summer, you can taste cool feeling whether?!

It throws in by touch.
It rolls by leaning.
It lifts quickly.
It drops from a top.

A Snowman is completed by all these only simple operation. Charm fully and the happy full Snowman.

Furthermore, if it can make the snowman of straight attitude, the nice crown arrives.

Please make the friend of the snowman fully.

Please enjoy the gesture with a lovely snowman matched to a pop outlook on the world.

Nice screenshot

Persevering, after making that, you think that we would like to leave commemoration, probably will be!
Such a time when the “camera icon” is touched, as for you it is possible to take the screen shot!
The snowman most probably will aim for the shutter chance which becomes pleasant!

Secret of Snowman

Is the technique unexpectedly needed to make the snowman of the upright posture?!

Anxious hint

First, settle down quietly and operate it.
Next, try observing the influence of operation well!
Please try various ways!
The perfect snowman lining up there is no dream!?


appleiPhone / iPod touch / iPad / iPad mini
amazonKindle Fire / Kindle Fire HD