France Map Puzzle

France Map Puzzle

OverviewThis is a puzzle game in which you can know the location of the map of France

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This is an educational game that allows you to learn the France map as if you play a jigsaw puzzle.

This game is designed to be simple yet fun to play. Not only people who like the map, but also who are not good at geography can enjoy playing it.

The app is best suited for people who want to learn the France map or students who want to get ready for the exams. Or why don't you try this game to stay sharp during your spare time?

You can improve your knowledge as you play the game aiming for the best time or compete against players from all over the world.
You can also collect picture panels when you satisfy certain conditions. So do your best to get all of them.

There are various modes available, including a [Beginner] mode with the region names and boundaries, a [Expert] mode testing only region names, and an [Master] mode without hints.

When you're stuck on finding the location of a state, use the [Assist] function. It will help you to navigate the correct location without hassling yourself.

However you will be added a 30 seconds penalty when you use the [Assist] function. If you want to achieve a higher ranking, it'd better not to use this function.

C’est un jeu éducationnel qui vous permet d’apprendre la carte de France comme si vous jouiez à un puzzle. Ce jeu est pensé pour être simple en restant amusant.

Il y a trois modes différents qui montrent ou non les régions et les frontières.

Lorsque vous êtes coincé pour trouver la localisation d’un pays, utilisez la fonction d’Assistance, qui vous emmènera à la position correcte sans vous décourager.

Jouez au jeu en visant le meilleur temps pour vous battre contre les joueurs du monde entier dans les classements Mondiaux, ou collectionnez les images des panneaux en atteignant le meilleur temps pour terminer. C’est un jeu terriblement addictif!


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