Arien Capture

Arien Capture

OverviewGet rid of mosquito swarm that disturb alien's sleep!

Jump Crouch

How to Play Arien Capture

Arien Mosquito can play by the operation only of the release of touch after "Place where the mosquito exists" is traced!

First of all "Touch"!
When you touch the screen, the frog will notice you and see you.

You move touch to the place(or direction) where the mosquito exists.Do not release touch yet!

When your touch is released, the frog rushes in the direction!

Small Hints - Sudden stop and turnabout

The frog stops suddenly when touching again while rushing and is waiting for a new direction.

Moreover, the crash to the wall can be prevented.

Small Hints - Chain

The number that appears when it eats the mosquito is called a chain count.

When the number is left, the size gradually becomes small.

The chain count can keep being increased by keeping eating the mosquito.

The chain count becomes interrupted there when the size of the number disappears completely or it crashes into the wall.

And, the bonus score is added by the chain count accumulated till then.


appleiPhone / iPod touch / iPad / iPad mini
amazonKindle Fire / Kindle Fire HD