Quick Family Tree

Quick Family Tree

OverviewAn app to easily make family trees

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Make Family Trees Without Having to Create an Account

This is an app that allows you to make family trees without having to create an account.
There are no paid services within the app either.

Form Relationships Easily

You can easily add parents, children, and spouses just by tapping. Family trees can be created intuitively. The display order of siblings can also be easily changed through drag and drop.

Streamline Complex Family Trees

The display changes automatically so that the person selected appears in the center. You can make complex family trees look simple and easy to understand.

Make Multiple Family Trees

As you can create multiple sets of data, you can make historical family trees, in addition to your own, and do various things.

Exchange data with other devices

Trees you've created can be exchanged with users on other phones.

Supports same-sex spouses

While spouses initially have to be set as different genders, they can be changed to same-sex afterwards.

Upload photographs

You can use photographs saved on your smartphone to attach images of individuals to their spots on the tree.

Add people photo
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Many different ways to use are supported

You aren't just limited to your own family tree, you can also try making a tree to organise the relationships of characters in a story, or even to map out the families of historical figures to help you study.
Family trees made with our app can also be used for commercial purposes, so you can host them on your website or other such mediums. (Portrait photos involve their own image rights and copyrights, so please make sure you check for each photo that you have permission to use them.)

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