Privacy Policy


This is the privacy policy of the apps that the production of Digital Gene.
If you can not accept this privacy policy, please stop the use of the apps.

Information not available

This app does not request, collect, transfer or sell the information of the name, address, mail adress, credit card number, social security number, photos, contact address and the other app's data.

Information to be used

Information to be used depends on the application.

Kids app

It has acquired "language settings in-app" the (language setting for the distribution of Web page of this site), but I do not do the transmission of information to the server otherwise.
Set by the in-app "a name" "age" "sex" and the like are stored only within the app, it will not be sent to an external device.

Kids app other than

"Language settings for the app" (for language setting distribution of Web pages on this site), and has obtained "Name" in the rankings when sending, "IP Address" you.
The only available for the rankings registration and display of the game data that is sent, we do not use any otherwise.

Information to be provided to the advertising company

This app uses the advertising that has been served by a third party. Some information has been sent to the advertising company.

Privacy policy of advertising company.

Date This Privacy Policy was updated on October 26, 2016.