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U.S. Map Puzzle
U.S. Map Puzzle

U.S. Map Puzzle

Puzzle game to create a map of U.S.A.

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App Store (iPhone) Japan
Education (game)
(September 2012)
App Store (iPad) Japan
Education (game)
(August 2012)

Over 1M Downloads!!

Enjoy Learning

This is an educational game that allows you to learn the u.s.a map as if you play a jigsaw puzzle.
(for the study is not.)


Various modes can be chosen

There are various modes available, including a [training] mode with the state names and boundaries, a [basic] mode testing only state names, and an [expert] mode without hints.


Collect reward panels

You can get various picture panels by satisfying certain conditions when playing.
You can see the list of panels acquired in [Gallery], so please do your best to complete it.

Ratings and Reviews

  • I love this game
    I love this game because when we have our race of who can name the most states and this game can help me

  • Learning made fun.
    I now know all the states shapes and locations in a short period of time. I love when I learn and enjoy doing it.

  • Love this game
    I learned a lot from this game and it made me memorize almost the whole thing