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Arien Escape : Run & Jump
Arien Escape : Run & Jump

Arien Escape : Run & Jump

Trying to escape through the hole in the wall

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You are an a"r"ien in Prison! Can you escape from the walled facility? There is a hole in the wall when escaped before. Jump to fit the shape of the hole, trying to escape through the hole in the wall. Just Flick a simple operation. How far you will be able to outrun. This game will foster your concentration and reflexes! It is a fit small game at little break time!:D

How to Play

"Arien Escape" can play by an easy operation only of flick. Wall that approaches one after another and comes. It jumps, and when flick is done in the direction of the hole that has become empty the wall, Arien is sliding and pass-through as for the hole in a wall.

Arien Escape


The speed goes up gradually first though it is slow. The knack is a thing to grip the rhythm of the entire progress. If 100 is exceeded, the continuation of concentration will become the turning point of the match. Directions of Flick are six patterns in all.

Run & Jump