Digital Gene

I can do it - Vending Machine (WebXR version)

How to Play with VR/AR

  • Tap the ‘AR’ or ‘VR’ button on the right side with an AR/VR compatible device. (If the button is displayed in grey, it is not a compatible device)
  • Press the button on the vending machine to purchase a drink.
  • You can virtually grab the dispensed drink in the AR/VR space.
  • You can dispose of the drink by putting it in the trash can.
  • Click the button above the trash can to clean up all drinks.
  • Please attach the strap to the controller for safety. (You might inadvertently throw the controller when you feel like tossing the can.)
  • Devices Confirmed to Work

    Microsoft HoloLensXX
    Microsoft HoloLens2
    Meta Quest 2
    Meta Quest 3

    It should also work on any device or browser that supports WebXR.

    Click here for the WebGL version that works on browsers without VR/AR capabilities